July 2016

Natalie Ingate

I wanted to say how promptly and efficiently they respond to queries, either by telephone or email. That they are friendly, reliable, professional, straightforward and easy to understand, patient (if they are trying to explain something 'techie'!) and knowledgeable. No problem so far has seemed to big or too small.

Good level of service, sometimes outside of usual office opening hours if required, which limits 'down time' to this firm so that the staff here can get on with their jobs with minimal IT disruption.

Jay Sahota

[GWT Media] attended our offices on Friday to install our IT systems. However, [they] did much more than this. [They] turned up early, waited a number of hours with us... helped us move into our office, and with our telephones, PCs and systems generally and made [themsleves] available to help with all aspects. He was patient, professional and inordinately helpful. [They] even went to the shops with us to help us buy software and set the system up ready for [photocopier] installation on Monday.

We are extremely impressed with GWT Media and recommend them to all

Hannah Thompson

Hannah leads up our Accounts and Office Admin

Mid Kent Golf Club Website Launch

We are happy to announce the launch of the Mid Kent Golf Club website that we have been developing with the course over the last couple of months. There is still plenty more development and content coming soon, so keep updated with the progress at: www.mkgc.co.uk

Structured Networking

We are living in the information age. Technology is becoming a more regular and important part of people's everyday lives. With such demand computer systems are becoming faster and faster, storing more and accessing it quicker. Data is not confined to one piece of hardware, but is liberated via networks to be shared and simultaneously accessed by many users. However, while many businesses find it easy to invest in computer systems the network cabling is often neglected. It is time to think of your cabling system as an investment.

Get the Disabled Users from Active Directory vbs script

Useful little script to output all disabled users in an Active Directory domain or OU. Simply open Notepad, copy and paste the following, and then save as a *.vbs file. Remember to replace the domain and OU name as needed.