Making the most of your Office 365 subscription

Many businesses select Microsoft Office 365 for the great email and software services that it offers. However, there are many more services under the hood that businesses can take advantage of. Here are a three of our favourites.

Office 365 Training Centre

Did you know there is a Microsoft Training centre available packed with tips from the basic to advanced which will help your team be more productive. The training centre can be accessed via the Office 365 support portal.

Best thing is these resources are free and packed with tips in easy to understand format, including videos and tutorials.


Microsoft Teams, at the time of writing, is one of the newest features that is now included with Office 365 and is already proving to be a valuable resource.

It provides a hub for teamwork within your organisation, brining together the technologies you are already used to (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and putting collaborative services to your teams fingertips.

You can fully customise your teams with different users and security profiles so you can manage your team data securely.

Document Chat

Skype is well known for great instant message and video communication, Office 365 takes this one step further by integrating Skype for Business directly into your Office applications (Word, Excel etc).

Not only can you collaboratively work on documents and spreadsheets with your colleagues you can chat with them in real time to work out the finer details and avoid that conference call!

Be sure to check out Microsoft's Office Online Chat article.