Category 2

Device maintenance

If you need to check your device operational state, contact us today.

Remote Backup Services

Our website is dedicated to our offsite backup services that we can offer. A remote backup service provides users with the ability to select their important files and perform a backup over the Internet to a secure central server. We are a company which provides an online remote backup service. The files are encrypted and then transmitted securely to the remote backup server.

File Recovery

Lost that important file or document? Users mistakenly or maliciously deleted files from your system? We are here to help!

Using specialised software and data recovery techniques we are able to recover most recently deleted files. We also provide reports as to what has been recovered, and if possible by whom and when.

If you need recovery, don't delay, call us on 0330 088 8058 to see how we can help.  We can also advise on tools and techniques to limit your exposure to file deletion and corruption.